KYN: Hungry Hippie Tacos Open for Business

DULUTH, Minn. – “It feels really good man. We have been working a long time been doing a lot of construction, a lot of early mornings and late nights working to get this store open, and finally being here to the point where the doors actually open and we’re serving customers and we’re training staff, it’s just, it’s incredible,” Hungry Hippie Tacos General Manager, Casey Gillard says.

Hungry Hippie Tacos, a business that originated in Grand Marais, purchased a spot on West Superior Street last year and after months of construction, opened the doors over Memorial Day Weekend.

“The goal was always to open one up in Duluth, that’s kind of why I moved up to Grand Marais to help run that one was so that we could eventually get the opportunity to open up a second store here in Duluth,” said Gillard.

The Lincoln Park neighborhood was of specific interest to the company based on its show for community. They like to incorporate other businesses in the area into the food making process as their brisket is braised in the smoker in Bent Paddle ESB and homemade pork brine is made using Duluth Cider and other ingredients.

It’s really a community driven neighborhood, which we absolutely love. You know, it feels like we are more working together than competing, and we love that about this neighborhood,” said Gillard.

Known for their fry bread tacos and smoked meats, Hungry Hippie Tacos likes to play around with what a taco can be. They have done specials like a Philly cheese steak taco and summer tacos with shrimp and different salsas.

“When you come here and order a taco it’s not a small street taco, it’s a big taco. So, we are known for basically taking the idea of a taco and a lot of the traditional flavors and just putting a whole ‘norther twist on it,” said Gillard.

Hungry Hippie Tacos is focused on expanding their menu to include more vegan and vegetarian options. They open from 11 in the morning till 8 in the evening, seven days a week.

“It’s really exciting and fun to look forward to the future of what’s going to happen with Lincoln Park and Hungry Hippie Tacos. We’re super excited to be here,” Co-Owner, Jeremy Keeble says.

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