Duluth West Super One Foods Holds Grand Re-Opening After Remodel

DULUTH, Minn. – Super One in West Duluth held a grand re-opening Wednesday following a 10 month remodeling project.

“We excited to come to the completion,” says Patrick Miner, President of Miner’s Inc., which owns and operates Super One.  “We’ve got a great team here and excited to take care of the customers down here that have been so loyal to us for so long.”

Miner adds this is the third time this store location has been remodeled over its nearly 30 year history.  “We expanded our meat department and produce department and deli department presence.  We brought a lot of fresh right up front, which is what customers have continued to gravitate to.  We’ve also, in every corner of the building, basically polished everything, brand new paint and brand new décor that really highlights all the products that we sell at the store.”

The intent of this remodel, according to Miner, is to meet the current needs shoppers are looking for in a supermarket.  “It’s something we’re always looking at ourselves internally all the time.  What can we do better? Listen to our customers, what are they telling us specifically that they’re looking for.  And then when we come together with our planning we try to meet all those needs so that we can execute and be successful with it.”

Events during the grand re-opening included free hot dogs and brats, as well as food samples across the store.  This location is also running a prize drawing for anyone who shops there through Father’s Day weekend.

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