Public Hearing Held for Hotel Astoria Demolition

DULUTH, Minn. — Five Duluth residents spoke out during a public meeting today in hopes of preserving the historic Hotel Astoria on East Superior Street.

Back in 2021, the owners requested for the structure to be torn-down due to its immense deterioration. Three local businesses within the building were also asked to leave and relocate last year.

The owners say the building has been in decline for decades and that an estimated 2.4 million dollars would be needed to restore it. However, some residents believe it is worth the investment to repair it to keep the historic district alive.

“You don’t knock down buildings to get rid of the homeless people, you build up buildings to build up enterprise and spirituality as it relates to a feeling you get when you walk into a district. I’m asking you guys to slow down on this and really take a look on the historical vibe that’s going to be just gutted,” local business owner Rod Raymond said at the hearing.

The owners did not present a future plan for filling the space after the building is torn down, and the city ultimately decided to postpone its demolition decision until the next public hearing in July.

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