UMD Football Names Loren Endsley as Offensive Line Coach

Endsley and his offensive line will take the field at home September 1 against Southwest Minnesota State. 


DULUTH, Minn.- You win football games up front, and one of the most important positions on the field is the offensive line. Besides, what is a great offense without a great wall up front.

Back in April, former UMD left guard Garth Heikkinen stepped down as O-line coach to pursue an opportunity outside of football. Recently, the Bulldogs have filled his position with Loren Endsley someone who knows the importance of the position well.

“It gets overlooked by the fans sometimes but anyone that truly knows football knows how important the offensive line is. The offense is kind of like a fancy car and the O-line is kind of like that engine underneath. It doesn’t really get recognzied but is the one doing a lot of work and making sure we get from point A to point B,” says Endsley,

Endsley played O-line for Eastern Oregon University and since graduating he’s coached at both the high school and collegiate levels. He acted as offensive coordinator at Dakota Wesleyan, then moved to the University of South Dakota and Ohio University last season. Endsley has now found himself here in Duluth and is excited to be a part of the Bulldogs success.

“It’s great culture here. It’s nationally known, everyone talks about Duluth football, they know what the program’s about, Coach Wiese’s done a great job here establishing that culture and there’s one thing that’s been consistent and that’s a strong tradition in the offensive line room and in the run game,” says Ensley, “I’m looking to make a few tweaks here or there but they’ve been coached up really well, you know every coach brings their own unique flavor to it, but we have a path here, we have a direction and that’s not going to change.”

Endsley and his offensive line will take the field at home September 1 against Southwest Minnesota State.


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