Renovated Motorsports Park Host Car Show, Helps Lions Club

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Two groups near Pattison State Park came together Saturday to bring more attention to their organizations.  For one of them, it was a chance to introduce themselves to the larger community.

Black River Motorsports Park teamed up with the Pattison State Park Lions Club to put on a concert and car show.

All kinds of cars were present with both newer and older generations being shown off.

Organizers were happy with the turnout, as a lot of families were able to make it out and support them.

“It’s a good combination of two worlds really,” says Brian Johnson, owner of Black River Motorsports Park. “Music and cars and food and stuff really go hand in hand together is what I’ve found over the last few years at different car shows and events and stuff. So it’s the type of thing that I really want to do out here.”

The host site, formerly known as Cooper Creek Motorsports Park, had been abandoned for about 10 years until Johnson bought it last year.

While Johnson has been in the car and motorsports world since he was little, he’s never been the host of a full-on car show before.  While putting this event on was an adventure, he’s always wanted to run community events like this one his whole life.

“I’ve found that you really can’t do it alone,” says Johnson. “I was pretty naive when I started the whole process about many things, but yeah, just the amount of work to maintain grass, etc. has been a lot. So going forward I think I’m going to work with the Lions Club on doing some renovations on buildings and other things like that, but we’re kind of taking it a step at a time.”

One of Black River’s next events will be their Machines and Caffeine Car Show September 18thA full calendar of events can be found on their Facebook page.

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