Proctor Football Player Sentenced To Juvenile Probation For Sexual Assault Of Teammate

Proctor Football

PROCTOR, Minn. — The Proctor High School football player who pleaded guilty to felony third-degree criminal sexual conduct of a teammate was sentenced on Monday.

The 18 year-old will be on probation until January 2025, when he will turn 21.

He was 17 at the time of the assault in September, so he was sentenced as a juvenile.

However, he also received an adult sentencing of four years of prison time, which he won’t have to serve as long as he doesn’t violate probation. he had pleaded guilty to the assault in which he had used a plunger.

He will also register as a predatory offender for the next decade, along with writing an apology to the victim, undergoing psychotherapy, completing 80 hours of community service, and either go to school or hold down a job full-time.

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