Corktown To Move to New Lincoln Park Location

DULUTH, Minn. – A popular restaurant in Duluth’s Lincoln Park Craft District is planning to move to a different part of the neighborhood.

Corktown Deli and Brews first opened in 2018 inside the Frost River Marketplace.  After surviving and thriving during the pandemic, Co-owner Jeff Petcoff says the reason for the move is simple. They need more space.  “We want one level of living; (currently our) walk-in coolers are downstairs.  Our cooks are going up and down stairs.  Kegs are going up and down stairs.  So we’ve reached some real challenges.”

Corktown is one of several businesses owned by Petcoff and others, which includes Duluth Grill and OMC Smokehouse.  When the building next to Duluth Grill at the corner of South 27th Avenue West and Michigan Street became available, they worked it out to buy it.

“There some great things happening on the far end of the Lincoln Park Craft District,” says Petcoff.  “Clyde Iron (and) the hockey arena are right there.  Duluth Grill is right there.  It’s a busy intersection off of I-35.  We feel really good about it, and just being in business at the Grill for 20 years we know it’s a good spot.”

The outside of the building will match the landscape of Duluth Grill, while the inside will be renovated so that the décor from the current restaurant will mesh with the building.

Compared to their current spot, Petcoff says seating will increase from 37 to 100 people.  There will also be the potential to add menu items with space for new equipment, as well as having space for small businesses to rent as a storefront.  “It will feel a lot the same and a lot different too, but we’re really excited to see what we can do with the space.”

While the move is bittersweet, Petcoff says they wanted to make sure they remain a part of the neighborhood that they have called home the past four years. “The decision to move Corktown; it definitely have to stay in Lincoln Park and it’s just who we are.  It’s in our blood, and it’s a true passion to see the neighborhood grow.”

As of now, the plan will be to open the new space next February.  Petcoff says he has heard of several possible tenants for Corktown’s current space once they move out.

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