Hiccup Helps Grandma’s Marathon Reach Sustainability Goal with Reusable Cups

DULUTH, Minn. – Grandma’s Marathon is trying to make itself more sustainable and reach a net-zero greenhouse gas emission goal by 2040.  This year’s race saw a relatively new company step up to help reduce the trash that quickly piles up with any race.

A company called Hiccup provided 26,000 silicone cups at one of the mile marker stations.   All their cups are collected, sanitized, and used at a future race.

Their goal is to help eliminate single-use cups which are typically made from paper or plastic, and are common for racers to grab and take a quick drink from while on the move.

“Hiccup eliminates races from not only getting plastic cups or bottles,” says founder Kristina Smithe, “but we’ve also changed races so that they don’t have to hire garbage committees or, like a lot of races have to get permitting and they will have to pay $9,000 for the garbage truck to come through.”

Hiccup hopes to have 100-thousand cups available for races starting next year, and find other service sectors that could benefit from using reusable cups.

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