St. Louis River Alliance Hosts Woodstock Bay Landing Cleanup

SUPERIOR, Wis.– The St. Louis River Alliance hosted a “Water Wednesday” clean up event to celebrate the ‘adoption’ of the Woodstock Bay Public Landing.

The Adopt Program allows for residents and organizations to improve and maintain parks, beaches, and boat landings across Superior.

This is the first clean-up they’ve hosted at Woodstock this summer. Gathering the community together clean the river, and connect them to it.

“The more we build that relationship with the river, the more we fall in love with the river and care about it, and them people are less likely to damage it or destroy it, so people treat it with respect. So, we’re just trying to create more opportunities for people to connect with the river,” Executive Director or St. Louis River Alliance, Kris Eilers, said.

The St. Louis River Alliance will continue to host events on Water Wednesdays. For more dates and information, you can head to their website.

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