UMD Football Hosts High School Team Camp

The camp welcomed more than 700 high school football players to the campus.

DULUTH, Minn.- On Wednesday UMD football wrapped up their first team camp of the summer with 21 high school teams from across Minnesota and Wisconsin participating.

Malosky Stadium was packed with more than 700 high school football players who came out with their teams for a three-day full contact camp that allowed guys to line up against another team in live action scenarios and gave UMD the ability to take a look at the local talent.

“This summer camp for us, it gives all of these guys an opportunity to watch film to work some of the kinks out before the summer, but for us it gives us an opportunity to see a lot of student-athletes from around the area, be able to contact coaches and connect with coaches, well as have a chance for these guys to scrimmage and have some of the contact out of them before they head into the fall,” says UMD head coach Curt Wiese.

The camp concluded with some intense, high pressure competition that put all the schools offenses and defenses head to head to replicate live game action.

“It was fun just to get out and play some football against some other teams, kids were sick of going against each other last week so it was fun to see a variety of teams in different offenses and defenses,” says Cloquet head coach Jeff Ojanen.

“It’s really nice to get to learn from some different coaches, especially some coaches from the higher level because they can show like if you’re going to play collegiate football then you can know what they’re looking for in a player both physically and mentally,” says Ashland senior Hunter Chenier.

UMD will host more high schools next week in another session on campus.



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