Duluth Rowing Club Encourages Anyone to Join

The club offers two week "Learn to Row" programs during the summer.

DULUTH, Minn.- It is certainly starting to feel like summer time and what better way to enjoy the day than taking advantage of our very own Lake Superior? Down at Park Point that’s exactly what the Duluth Rowing Club does almost every morning.

Most of the members range anywhere from middle school aged into their eighties. Members say, rowing is a great full body work out that can be enjoyed by anyone. Crews in the club do more than just row recreationally, the club has also put up some regional and national regatta victories.

“The Duluth Rowing Club is really a vibrant member of our community and I think we offer a sport that’s very unique. Many communities don’t have a rowing club so Duluth is very very fortunate,” says women’s co-captain Jenny Peterson.

“To me rowing is one of the silent sports, it’s your physical energy, it’s your mind and connection with the water and it just makes a wonderful connection. So it’s open for anybody that wants to give it a try,” says long-time club member Tom Rauschenfels.

The Duluth Rowing Club currently has around 200 members, they encourage anyone to give it a try. They offer two week “Learn to Row” programs during the summer.


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