FDA Bans Juul E-Cigarettes

DULUTH, Minn. – The FDA is ordering the electronic cigarette company Juul to pull its products from stores nationwide.

This means that stores can no longer sell the vaping pens and pods from Juul. The FDA says the reason behind the move is because there is not enough evidence that these products do not harm people’s health, adding that the company had conflicting information on the topic.

While only some of the health consequences of vaping products are known, such as “Popcorn Lung” some businesses in Duluth selling these products is an overstep when the federal government still allows other products, like cigarettes.

“It’s government interference on something I don’t believe is more harmful that what’s out there right now. For example, cigarettes’ are much worse so I feel e-cigs are safer than cigarettes,” Smoke Shop Owner, Mike Wazwaz says.

Mike adds that he’s not losing inventory with the new Juul ban, as his store hasn’t had stock of Juul products in a few weeks because they were not as popular as other brands of e-cigs.

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