Project Joy Gives $30,000 to Help Feed Kids This Summer

DULUTH, Minn. – Project Joy Northland has given out one of their largest one-time lump sum donations.

Union Gospel Mission, the Duluth Area Family YMCA, and CHUM each received 10-thousand dollars, which will go towards their efforts to feeding kids this summer.

The donations came about after CHUM announced last week they were limiting the number of boxes they could hand out to large families due to food donations not keeping up with increased demand.

“Kids shouldn’t be hungry, and it’s to no fault of their all,” says co-founder Laura Plys.  “They don’t have the ability to access that food sometimes on their own.  Just to be able to know that these agencies are meeting those needs, and that they’re getting fed.  Kids should be able to eat and play and be children, and not worry about empty stomachs.”

Project Joy Northland thanks their donors and partners for helping to raise the funds needed for this donation.  They are planning to resume fundraising efforts that were canceled or limited during the pandemic.

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