Duluth Police: Abortion Rights Protesters Were On Streets Illegally When Driver Got Stuck

DULUTH, Minn. — The Duluth Police Department is sharing new details about an incident involving a driver in the middle of Monday’s Roe v. Wade protest downtown.

The DPD estimates that up to 500 people were at the pro-choice march, and kept to the sidewalks until an hour later, when demonstrators starting walking on certain streets downtown.

Then as protesters went down First Avenue East, police say the group encountered a driver on the road.

The driver, who had her six-month-old baby in the car with her, told police she didn’t know she was in the march’s path.

The DPD released a video showing the demonstrators surrounding her car and climbing onto it while her windows were still down, as they also pulled on the car door handles.

Officials say she accelerated away when she saw a small opening to escape.

Then, someone who police have now identified threw a walking stick at her car that damaged her windshield while another person tried to chase the car down.

The driver will not be charged as police say it was clear she was trying to get away, but the person who damaged her windshield could be charged with criminal property damage and disorderly conduct.

The driver was able to get away and call police, while officers say the protest did not have a permit to march in the streets and did not make any plans with the police department to do so.

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