Wildcat Sanctuary Fundraiser For Kitu’s Kitchen

SANDSTONE, Minn.– The Wildcat Sanctuary in Sandstone is launching a campaign to build an upgraded food and wellness center for their big rescue cats.

The Wildcat sanctuary is home to 130 recuse lions, leopards, tigers and more. In order to supply the basic daily needs of these animals, they are fundraising to remodel their current health and wellness center. The new center is nicknamed Kitu’s Kitchen, after a rescue cheetah in the facility.

They are planning to add a variety of new systems. On top of doubling the size of the food prep area, they are adding in food shoots for the bigger cats, a commercial grade kitchen, new enrichment activities, and new medications.

“We always try to do better for the cats, and I look at how this is going to make daily work great for the caretakers, but more importantly that nutritious food diet and medications that cats need. It’s going to make this so much easier for us to give them that,” Founder of Wildcat Sanctuary, Tammy Theirs, said.

Their goal is to fundraise $200,000 by the end of this month, and complete the project by the fall. You can donate anytime, and for more information you can go to their website or social media pages.

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