Northland Stores Ready For Big Grilling Weekend

DULUTH, Minn. –

The Fourth of July holiday has many traditions, depending on who you ask.

For some, that means firing up the grill.

London Road Rental is ready for this with a full inventory and wide variety of grills available for people to use this weekend. They also have the accessories, flavoring, and knowledge to help the notice and expert griller succeed in their backyard, park, campsite, or wherever they set up.

“Our job here is to fit you into the right grill and not necessarily the one you think you need,” says General Manager Nick Luoma. “We’ll figure out what you’re cooking, how many people you’re cooking for. The uses, are you going to keep in stationary or are you going to travel.  And we’ll match it to the right size and style for your need.”

Once one gets their grill, they need something to cook on it.

Old World Meats have been busy preparing for the weekend, from brats to burgers, chicken breasts to kebabs, and more. Their motto is “never a bum steer” when it comes to selling what people need for their grill out.

“So you tell us how many people you’re having, and what timeline,” says Owner & Operator Paul Wrezidlo.  “We’ll help you get outfitted with the correct product.  Maybe it’s a steak night; you just have a few people over.  You have a crowd? It’s sausage, how to cook them, how long, parboil if you have a lot of people.  We just kind of get you all set up.  We help a lot of people cook.”

Old World Meats says they expect between 800 to 900 pounds of brats to be sold over the holiday weekend.

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