Northland Larder’s New Food Truck

DULUTH, Minn. – You can catch a new food truck that’s parking right outside the DECC by the Vista Fleet this summer.

The Northland Larder food truck is a creation from Brian the Butcher and Chef Hanz. The pair started off with home deliveries and mail orders of Yker Acres’ pork and beef boxes during the pandemic, then grew the business even more through catering.

Now with their new food truck, they hope to catch some of the summer foot traffic behind the DECC and envision using it for events where they can offer a special diner service with some guest chefs.

The menu is short and simple, and features house made cured meat, Norwegian style hotdogs, the Pork Point sandwich, and charcuterie boards.

“When the opportunity came to have a food truck here, in what we are calling Pork Point, we jumped at the opportunity. I have to say that it’s a lot more enjoyable to work here than inside a freezer,” Northland Larder, Brian “The Butcher” Merkel says.

Merkel also hopes to get a temporary liquor permit for the truck in order to turn it into a beer garden for a few nights this summer.

The Northland Larder food truck will be at what they are calling “Pork Point” behind the DECC, Wednesday through Sunday from 11 to 6.

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