Superior 4th of July Cancellations

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Superior decided to cancel its fireworks show and Fourth of July festivities Monday night due to the rain.

The company that puts it together needs several hours of dry weather to get it set up and ready to go. Because of the risk of thunderstorms and the cancellation of fireworks, Superior decided not to hold music and venders at Barkers Island, which also led to the car show and Pin Up contest being postponed.

On the bright side, the Superior Parade was held Monday morning.

“It was cold and wet and awesome. It was just a great day, I don’t think the crowd was noticeably smaller than last year when it was sunny and beautiful, so folks were shivering a little bit, they were a little bit wet, but people were having a great time especially the kids,” Superior Mayor Jim Paine says.

Superior hopes to have all of these events later this summer, ideally all together to have one big party.

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