Grief-Stricken Grandmother Of Duluth Teen Shot And Killed Speaks Out

DULUTH, Minn. — The grandmother of Xzavier Aubid-St. Clair, who was shot and killed in Duluth last weekend, talked with FOX21 about her broken heart, along with what she saw happen that night before her grandson walked out the door for the last time.

“It’s still unbelievable, it still is,” Deanna St. Clair cried. “I still wait for him to knock on the door. ‘Open the door grandma, it’s me.”

St. Clair says she can’t believe her grandson is gone.

“He was a good boy, he wasn’t a bad kid,” she said. “He said he would take care of me when I got old. I got nobody to take care of me when I get old.”

The St. Louis County Attorney’s Office says Xzavier went to an apartment building near North 16th Avenue East and First Street last Saturday night, intending to fight the suspect.

Deanna says that the teen accused of shooting Xzavier was actually his former friend, and even lived with them off and on for several years.

“I mean if I asked him to take the garbage out, he never had a problem, do the dishes you know, they would jump up and help,” she said. “That’s why I don’t see how this happened you know…I didn’t see him being a bad kid, I really didn’t.”

Right before Xzavier walked out her door for the last time, Deanna says she heard him arguing with the suspect on the phone.

“I remember Xzave even saying, he hung up the phone before he went out the door because it was a half-hour later that happened, he said, ‘Oh maybe we could just be friends again, we were always friends,” she explained. “So he was actually probably willing to go over there and reconcile.”

However, it didn’t end that way.

She says her grandson was shot twice in the head, and once in the chest.

“How could you go from that just being your friend to wanting to shoot him like that you know?” Deanna said. “You guys are going to fight, fight. All teenagers fight, you know. And how many times he shot him? He meant to kill him…and that boy, I actually feel sorry for him. He just ruined his life, and for what? There was no reason, there was no reason at all to do that you know.”

The heartache doesn’t end there for this family.

Deanna says Xzavier’s 13-year-old brother was there too.

“He’s going to live with that the rest of his life,” she said. “That’s going to eat him up.”

She said the last thing Xzavier said to her was simply, “I love you.”

“He was his grandma’s baby,” Deanna cried. “He was his grandma’s baby. Now I don’t have him anymore, oh God.”

The suspect is charged with second-degree murder in juvenile court.

FOX21 cannot name him unless his case is moved to adult court.

Xzavier’s funeral was held on Thursday morning.


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