Food Truck Friday Returns to Duluth

DULUTH, Minn. – A summer tradition is back outside the Duluth Public Library.

Food Truck Friday returned after a one year hiatus last month.

The event gives the areas vendors a safe place to gather so that people can come and enjoy the wide variety of menu items each truck offers.

For food truck owners like The Grumpy Goose’s Jose Goser, the event is just another stop in their busy summer schedule.  “Getting out into the community and being consistent here, and having places to consistently go and park so people can come, is really important, especially with how difficult it was during the pandemic and how things were shut down, getting out, being out here and having places to go is really important.”

Goser adds people enjoy the chance to just show up at a location and enjoy their food.  “We can just be anywhere, which is nice.  So any event, any activity, or just randomly pull up and park someplace where people are, is just really nice.  It’s food that comes to you versus you having to find food that will bring it to you.”

Food Truck Friday will take place from 11 to 2 every Friday through August.  Schedules may change due to weather, so it is best to follow the Duluth Public Library for any last-minute updates.

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Food Truck Friday