Pick Your Own Strawberries 2022 Kicks Off

CARLTON, Minn.– “We have all natural strawberries. You can eat these right out of the field. There’s no pesticides on them, and they are just fabulous berries,” Spectrum Strawberry Farm co-owner, Steve Schulstrom, said.

Over 400 cars lines up at 9 a.m. Saturday morning in Carlton, for the 5th annual Spectrum Farm Strawberry berry picking event. People coming from all over the Midwest to enjoy this fun family event.

“It’s important to me that people have memories, and I’m creating memories for all these people, and that is why I do it,” said Steve.

When getting there, you head to the booth and grab a box to hold your berries. Then the workers will lead you to a spot in the field where you can start picking.

The owners of the strawberry field say bringing families out to enjoy the natural fruits and sunny weather that Minnesota offers is what it is all about.

“It’s important to me that people have something like a tradition like that. I’m coming across people that say “when I was little, I was picking here,” and now they’re coming with their kids. That is just so fun, it’s why you live up here,” Schulstrom said.

Despite some hardships of past droughts and the pandemic, Spectrum Farm has been keeping this event alive. Working hard to grow as many strawberries as possible, so that everyone that comes will feel the joy of finding that perfect berry.

“I find the smiles when they find strawberries. They’ll be picking on a row and they’re like “There’s one underneath this.” It’s like a treasure hunt, and they’re all excited,” Steve said.

They are now officially open for the 2022 season. Their days for picking are not set, because of weather, but you can find their schedule at Spectrum Farm Strawberries – All Natural Pick Your Own Strawberries

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