Knowing Your Neighbors: Rogue Eagle Mini Golf

PROCTOR, Minn. – Rogue Eagle, a new mini golf course in Proctor is now open after two years of work.

“It’s a great summer activity when you’re looking for an inexpensive way to have fun with your family,” said Annie Pollard, visiting the course from Cloquet.

The 18 hole course allows for a variety of challenges, stories, and fun for the whole family.

“Sitting behind the counter I can hear people laughing, screaming when they get a hole in one and it’s super rewarding, super exciting. The whole point of Rogue Eagle was to create somewhere for everyone to have fun, everyone to take a step back from everything that’s going on and just have a good time,” Rogue Eagle Mini Golf Co-Owner, Luke Lindstrom says.

Every hole on the course has a different theme and location following the path of Bogey the Rogue Eagle, starting in Minnesota and traveling to places like Texas, California, and even the Indy 500.

“It was really fun to think of the theming for Rogue Eagle. We started off with all kinds of ideas, everything you can imagine, but to condense it down to 18 holes we’re really happy how it turned out,” said Lindstrom.

For Owner Luke Lindstrom, a Proctor native, the new mini golf course is a way to bring the community together.

“I really feel like this is a benefit to the community, it’s a benefit to Duluth and the surrounding area, Proctor and the surrounding area and we’re really happy to be here,” said Lindstrom.

The course is currently operating on a conditional permit as they are still working on getting the parking lot paved. Once it is complete, the whole facility will be ADA compliant allowing it to be fully operational.

“I think driving by the locations great, you’re right on the freeway. You can kind of see it and it’s a quick stop for sure. It’s great and it wasn’t a long drive for us at all. It was only about fifteen minutes from Cloquet and now we have something fun to do,” said Annie Pollard.

Once the facility is completely finished, 16 flavors of hand scooped ice cream will be available for guests to enjoy. Owners at the Rogue Eagle also hope to add an additional 18 holes down the road.

“This is a great way to get the family off screens, myself off my computer from working and to be outside to get fresh air even if it’s not super sunny and hot it’s a perfect kind of cloudy day activity as well,” Pollard says.

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