Governor Evers Visits Small Businesses and Grant Recipients in Superior

SUPERIOR, WI. — The pandemic forced many businesses and their owners to just try and survive. Today, many in Superior told Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers how they used grant programs to make it through.

The grants have been issued to small businesses around Wisconsin, with the intent to help their doors remain open while working through the pandemic.

“It is because we are all in this together. The state is the state, but I feel we have some obligation to help locals, cities, and our rural areas to thrive. In order to do that in this pandemic, we utilized the federal money that we received. In fact we are number 1 in the country for the federal money that we put out for businesses,” said Governor Evers.

The governor and local superior leaders took a stroll down Tower Avenue to visit the shops. Their first stop was at superior waffles, a restaurant who received a grant from the Main Street Bounceback Program.

According to Superior Mayor Jim Paine, “it was a couple dozens businesses got actual mainstream bounce-back grants post Covid. If you opened during Covid, the state gave you direct cash for taking that risk on behalf of our community. So we’re here so those folks can say thank you to the governor, but also so he can see the impact that this has on our communities.”

The program provides one-time assistance to businesses opening a new location or expanding in a vacant space. Businesses can still apply for this grant until December.

Governor Evers also shed light on other businesses in the area. “Not everybody that I saw today were grantees, but the resilience and the energy that I see here in Superior is really historical.”

The regional leaders ended their visits at the Sweeden Sweets candy shop, who received funds from two small-business grant programs. In an interview with owner Dan Klarner, “it’s important to have those grants available. We tried to do it on our own, but it was nice to get a couple grants during the tough times and years.”

Kids from the Superior Branch of Boys & Girls Clubs joined the Governor at the final stop.

“Mostly I’m just excited to live in Superior right now. This is one of the best times in decades to live in this community. We thought it was over, we were turning out the lights, but we believed if we actually invested in this community, it would bounce back and the proof is all around us now,” said Mayor Paine.

The Mayor explained that it’s important to keep the momentum going. He says that the next stop for recovery efforts will take place along Central Tower Avenue.

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