Denfeld Clocktower Undergoes Construction after Weather Damage

DULUTH, Minn. — You may have noticed the Denfeld Clocktower is under construction and the steeple point has been removed.

The clocktower is a well-known feature of Denfeld High School, standing at 120 feet high and featuring eight buttresses. Last year, the tower’s water diversion system failed last year, resulting in erosion of the tower’s structure and bricks.

Now– work has started on replacing the system, fixing the exterior, and preserving its historic look for the next 40 plus years.

“When the steeple came off of the clocktower last year it got quite a bit of notice. People noticed right away that it was being removed, because it’s such a historic point in this area of Duluth, that when something happens to it people really notice. So being able to make sure that it’s going to be around for a long time is really important to the school district” said Communications Officer for Duluth Public Schools, Adelle Wellens.

The cost of the project is estimated at 750 thousand dollars.

Wellens said that the project is expected to be done by fall and they plan to have the steeple back on by next spring.

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