Northland Welcomes Home U.S. Air Force

DULUTH, Minn.– It was a heartwarming scene at the Duluth 148 Fighter wing.  As family and friends gather in anticipation for the return of the U.S Air Force.

Family and friends gathering in pride and tears. Welcoming Home 163 service members with open arms.

“It’s so exciting, it’s been such a build up of anxiety, and we’ve been so excited for them to come home. And it has been a count down of the days,” Sister of  service member Mark, Ellynn Mclean, said.

“Yea, it’ll really be nice to actually see them in person, and not spend all that time over facetime,” Girlfriend of service member Mark, Ashlee Siegle, said.

As the plane landed, you could hear the cheers and applause from the crowd. The feeling of relief sweeping over everyone, as loved ones were able to get a piece of their lives safely back.

“When he first left we kind of just felt like a piece of us was kind of missing, and trying to talk to him over the phone, and with the time difference, we kind of just felt very disconnected from him. But now that he’s back it’s, I don’t know, we are just very excited,” Ellynn said.

Meanwhile, for the service member Berne Parks. He’s all about taking in the love from his family, especially his two daughters.

“It’s great, you know, like the girls just dropped their posters and came running, and had happy tears. It’s really amazing to see them again,” Berne Parks said.

And after getting some well-needed sleep on the long flight home. Berne says he’s ready to get back to those Northland summer days in the backyard.

“I just plan on hanging out at the house, firing up the grill, and having some good food,” Berne said.

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