Prep Work for Pop-Up CoLab Space Continues

DULUTH, Minn. – Nine businesses will be taking up space in several downtown Duluth buildings starting next week.

The Greater Downtown Council and the Duluth 1200 Fund selected them as part of their Pop-Up CoLab.  Each will spend three months’ rent free on the 300 block of West Superior Street, and get $1,500 to cover expenses.

Most are owned by a black, indigenous, or person of color.  Organizations that have given them support in the past are excited to see how they will all come together to support one another.

“What I have loved about this opportunity is seeing the different skills and different talents between each of them,” says ChaQuana McEntyre, Founder and Executive Director of Family Rise Together.  “So somebody’s a great painter, somebody’s a great decorator, somebody has this resource.”

“A lot of the businesses that are here their products are unique,” says Jacob Bell, Executive Director of Family Freedom Center.  “They are things that you won’t find anywhere else, and this isn’t going to be going on indefinitely.  So over the next three months if you have an opportunity to check it out.”

“Having that support immediately will show our business owners that they are wanted and needed in our community,” says McEntyre.  “The sooner you can get down the better, and don’t think coming down one time is all you have to do.  There are nine businesses, so you may come down and see only three.  Come down and see the rest of them.  We are a family and we are going to continue to build.”

One goal for each business after the pop-up ends will be to find a permanent space in the future.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony and grand opening will take place on August 2 starting at noon.

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