Cat Looking for Home After Enduring a Troubling Past

DULUTH, Minn.– Every pet deserves a loving home. Especially ones that have so much love to give.

This is Phoenix,  she looks super healthy now, but that wasn’t the case two months ago.

Back in May, Phoenix was a pregnant stray and had severe burns on her body.

“How she got burned is she went into someone’s engine and curled up. That’s the only things I could think of, is that she curled up into a ball next to an engine, and that’s why her face and her butt area got burned,” Missing Pets in the Northland vet tech, Jodi Carlson, said.

Thanks to the “Missing Pets in the Northland” Facebook page. Vet tech Jodi Carlson was able to trap Phoenix to get her the help she needed.

“We had numerous messages coming in that she was being spotted in a trailer park in Cloquet. The reports were coming in that she has, like burns on her and that she needed help,” Jodi said.

“I went over there and it took about three to four days to get her trapped, because she wouldn’t go in a trap. She was like “nope I’m not going in a live trap,” said Carlson.

Now, her five healthy kittens have all been adopted. But for some reason  phoenix is still without a home.

The three to four year old cat loves humans, and possibly even more so today after going through so much.

“Like her perfect home would be somebody who doesn’t have any other pets, and she can just snuggle with because she’s really friendly and affectionate,” said Jodi.

Despite her past, Phoenix is just like every other pet. She just wants attention and scratches. Duluth Veterinary Hospital has taken care of all medical expenses. Adopting this sweet girl would be just one step in saving a life.

“I just feel like every stray that we’ve helped medical wise, they are just so overly affectionate, and they just seem like they’re more appreciative of the care that they’ve gotten to get better, and just really want a family of their own,” Carlson said.

To adopt this precious girl, you can visit Missing Pets In The Northland – Home | Facebook ,or you can email Jodi at

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