Knowing Your Neighbors: Lakewalk Galley Food Boat

DULUTH, Minn. – Lakewalk Galley is in full swing again this summer after being closed for a period during COVID and a shorter season last year. The fully functioning restaurant inside of a boat has been owned by Lake Avenue Restaurant and Bar since 2018.

“It’s unique, one of a kind, I don’t know of any other place like it. So, it’s a really fun thing for people to see,” said Lakewalk Galley General Manager, Kate Van Beaumont.

During COVID, the restaurant took the opportunity to install improvements to the boat like a flat top grill, new fryers, freezers, and a fridge. And for customer convenience, a ramp was built from previous wood and slats pulled from the Lakewalk.

“We kind of have our own patio and our own walk up area whereas previously when the boat was here on the Lakewalk it was kind of built up on the rocks that are now on the other side of boardwalk,” said Van Beaumont. “When I say to people the Lakewalk Galley is a food boat, they’re like oh so you’re on the water and I say no we are actually built up, we’re a firm structure, we’re not going anywhere. So, I kind of have to specify that but I think it’s great. Obviously this wood is in phenomenal shape and it really kind of enhances the energy and the vibe we are going after.”

The food boat presents an easier grab and go experience compared to the restaurant and offers meals such as smash burgers and walleye. This season, business has been steady thus far, but dealing with the inclement weather has its challenges.

“What’s kind of hardest this summer has been the weather. It’s been a lot more mild and cooler than last summer and rainy too so we kind of close down for any inclement weather if it’s super super cold or rainy we won’t operate,” said Van Beaumont.

Management hopes to keep the Lakewalk Galley food boat open until mid October.

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