Nationwide Event Promotes Police-Community Partnerships

DULUTH, Minn. — Community members usually only encounter police officers during negative incidents, from traffic tickets to tragedies and more. Tomorrow, Duluth residents can hang out with them and have fun for “National Night Out.”

The nationwide event takes place on the first Tuesday of August every year.

More than 50 neighborhood block parties will cover Duluth’s streets tomorrow, featuring games, grilling, and entertainment.

That’s where you can meet some of the local officers and other members of the police department.

“We always say that community is our strength and the residents are our eyes and ears. So this is an opportunity for those residents to be able to see the officers and get to know them by name, to see that we’re normal people like everyone else,” said DPD Public Information Officer, Mattie Hjelseth.

The fun starts Tuesday evening at 5pm and runs until 9pm.

You can find a list of the block-parties on the city of Duluth’s website under the “police” tab.

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