Two Entities Team-Up to Extinguish Fire at Superior Landfill

SUPERIOR, MINN. — You may have seen a sky full of smoke near Wisconsin Point Saturday —- that’s because Superior Landfill caught fire.

First responders were able to contain the blaze, but the fire department says it’s not the first time the landfill has ignited.

Battalion Chief Joe Tribbey said that the department responds to fires at the landfill a few times a year. They have an operational plan in place, where they team-up with public works to put out the landfill flames.

“So when we approach something like this that’s a little bit out of the norm, you know having a good solid plan in place going forward is what’s important,” said Tribbey.

The latest landfill fire started Saturday afternoon. Tribbey reports that firefighters developed water supply while public works put sand on the blaze.

“We live by three mantra’s: life safety, incident stabilization, and preservation of property.”

High winds spread fire rapidly, causing a large plume of smoke to develop. In good news, the winds direction pushed the smoke out over lake superior, meaning no air quality alerts or evacuations were needed for residents.

Nearly six hours later, responders were able to knock out the main portion of the fire.

“The last initial crew that had been out cleared around 7:30pm that night. We maintained a fire watch until 7:45am the next morning.”

Tribbey says fires at the landfill cause great concern. There’s a valuable rubber membrane beneath the site, making it an asset to the city.

“It’s millions of dollars of importance. That membrane if impacted could be millions of dollars that would be destroyed in infrastructure.”

The infrastructure was preserved after Saturday’s fire, and no firefighters were injured on scene.

While the exact cause of the fire remains under investigation, Tribbey says it’s important to be cautious of what you throw away, making sure anything flammable you put in the garbage is completely cold and out.

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