Duluth Parks & Rec Teaches Kids About the Importance of Water Safety

DULUTH, Minn.– Swimming in Lake Superior can be something a lot of people enjoy during the summer. But unfortunately with a body of water this large. It comes with a lot of risk.

Over at Park Point Beach, Duluth Parks and Rec held a water safety beach party. To teach young swimmers about importance of being safe when you’re out on the water.

“For the kids, it’s really just understanding how to swim safe. Starting those lessons early on in their adolescence to avoid any incidences,” Recreational Instructor for Duluth Parks & Rec, Marcy Dammann, said.

Educating people on a variety of different water safety lessons.

“Being out here, and helping people who come out understand rip currents, and understand the flags, and also the water temp is another big one just to be mindful of,” Marcy said.

One topic they focus on is rip currents. Which is common on Lake Superior during the summer.

Duluth Parks and Rec brought out the Twin Ports Rip Current Work Group. To help people understand how dangerous they can really be.

“When the wind is directly off the lake, we get these huge waves that form right off of the beach, and they’re really fun to play in, but the problem is that there are currents that form. Which is one of the dangers when there is wave activity,” Instructor with Twin Ports Rip Current Work Group, Bob Parkorney, said.

“Theses currents of water can pull swimmers, or pets, or anything else that is in the water away from the shore. Usually not too far. It might be 20 meters, it might be 50 meters, and then deposits you there,” (Bob)

Bob from Twin Ports Rip Current Work Group, tells us that the best way to get out of these currents is by not swimming against it, but to swim parallel to the shore.

It’s all about just being safe and preventing water accidents from happening.

“Yeah, it’s really important. The water can be so fun. It should be, but if you plan safely, you’ll get to come the beach another day,” said Parkorney.

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