Census Results Shift Precincts In Duluth Ahead Of Primary Election


DULUTH, Minn. — A heads-up to voters ahead of next week’s primary election: the city of Duluth has new precinct boundaries that may change what district you’re in.

This is because of the 2020 census results, which required a new map to be drawn.

City councilors worked on the new map back in March to balance the populations as equally as possible in each district.

This means that some voters will need to cast their ballots in new locations for next Tuesday’s primary and beyond.

From the city of Duluth:

“Due to the state of Minnesota dividing the Gary-New Duluth neighborhood into two separate legislative districts, the boundaries of precincts 33 and 34 were required to be redrawn. In the new precinct maps, residents along the east side of Commonwealth Avenue who previously voted in precinct 34 now belong to precinct 33. This means those affected voters in the precinct will
now vote at the Good Fellowship Community Center in Morgan Park, 1242 88th Avenue West, Duluth. Voters in precinct 34 will continue to vote at GND REC, 801 101st Avenue West, Duluth. Additionally, precinct 20 was eliminated from the district maps. Voters in the area previously established as precinct 20 were shifted into either precinct 19 or precinct 21. To verify your polling place, please go to https://pollfinder.sos.state.mn.us/ and use the polling place finder. For more information about the redistricting process or to view the new precinct maps, please visit https://duluthmn.gov/citycouncil/redistricting/.”

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