Mall of America Shooting: Shots Fired In Nike Store After Dispute


A shooting at Mall of America sent the mall into lockdown on Thursday afternoon, with police calling it an isolated incident.

Police don’t believe anyone was hurt by gunfire when someone opened fire inside the Mall of America on Thursday, creating a panic and sending the mall into lockdown.

Officers responded to the mall around 4:15 p.m. for the shooting. Bloomington Police Chief Booker Hodges says it appears the shooting started with a conflict between two groups at the cash registers inside the Nike store. The conflict ended with one person pulling a gun and firing shots.

“They decided to demonstrate a complete lack of respect for human life,” said Chief Hodges. “They decided to fire multiple rounds into a store with people.”

Chief Hodges says, at this point in the investigation, it doesn’t appear anyone was hurt by the gunfire. Still, police are searching for the suspects involved in the case.

Blood reportedly found at the scene appears to have been from a trip and fall injury to a guest leaving the mall.

Police search at Best Western

Following shots fired at the mall, police spent hours searching the Best Western hotel on Killebrew Drive, on the south side of the mall. Police say they had information that the suspects may have been at that location. But, ultimately, the search ended with no arrests.

Second shooting in less than a year

Neither the mall nor Chief Hodges had any solution for preventing future acts of violence like Thursday’s shooting in the future.

Chief Hodges says his officers were not far from the mall when shots were fired and crews arrived on the scene within 30 seconds.

“If someone decides that they don’t value human life, and they choose to pull out a weapon, I don’t know what we can do,” the chief said. “We train for this, we do this… but if an individual decides they have no regard for human life, I don’t know any defense for that.”

It doesn’t appear anyone was hurt during Thursday’s shooting. But that wasn’t the case in December when another shooting at the Mall on New Year’s Eve left two men with injuries. In that incident, someone opened fire on the third floor of the mall.

Speaking Thursday, mall spokesperson Dan Jasper says there will be an increase in security and police Friday morning when the mall reopens and in the coming days. Jasper says the mall will explore “all options” to keep mall guests safe. But, Jasper wasn’t sure how feasible it’d be for the mall to add metal detectors at the doors.

“We continue to look at all security options and try to figure out what makes the most sense,” said Jasper. “In honestly, this is an open building in an open society. Metal detectors aren’t common in retailers or food retailers or in most places that we go. But we have a lot of other security apparatus in place including highly trained officers, including security cameras, including other technology that we use that the guest never sees, that we implement to keep them safe.”

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