Go and Vote!: Primary Elections Just Around the Corner

DULUTH, Minn.– Primary elections are often overlooked or even forgot about. So there is a massive push to go and vote on Tuesday.

We talked to UMD Political Science Professor, Cindy Rugeley, about the importance of getting out and voting in the primaries.

She reminds us that those who are elected, on all levels of government, still have a massive impact on our daily lives.

“The way it works best, is if we all pay attention. That we elect people that we believe will represent our point of view. That it doesn’t matter if they’re sheriff, but that there is somebody who will, you know, uphold the office in the way that we expect,” Dr. Cynthia Rugeley, UMD Political Science Associate Professor, said.

Most people think that elections are just for politicians, but it reaches into law enforcement as well. As the northland will see a couple sheriff’s office races this election cycle.

“I mean they are the chief law enforcement for a large area, and a large part of St. Louis County. And the local P.D., they help them out in certain cases and they share recources, and so, it’s very important that you get someone that you know you trust. Trusting law enforcement is important,” Dr. Rugeley, said.

In order to vote, you must be registered in the state of Minnesota. All voters must bring a photo ID with them as well.

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