Northland’s Toughest Pups Prepare for Their Big Show

SUPERIOR, Wisc.– Some of Northland’s top dogs were seen practicing their skills and talents over at the UWS football field Tuesday.

Handlers from St. Louis and Douglas County Sheriff’s Offices, brought their K-9 dogs out to prepare them for the Operation K-9 show on Thursday.

Making sure the officers, and the dogs, are ready for the crowds so they can show the community what they can really do while they are in the field.

“A lot of times the public, their perceptions on what the dogs can and can’t do, or what they may or may not be used for is.. Sometimes they’re spot on, sometimes they’re way off, but this is a good representation of what the dogs can, and honestly can’t do,” Cory Fossum, a deputy at Douglas Country Sheriff Office, said.

The eight Operation K-9 will be held at the UWS Stadium, and is free for the public to attend.

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