August 9 Primary Election Results

Primary Election

Below is the results of the key races in Tuesday’s Primary Election

U.S. Representative District 8 – Two Advance


Pete Stauber (incumbent) – 91%

Harry Welty – 8%

Stauber took the overwhelming win and will be seen at the November election.

Pete Stauber


Jen Shultz – 86%

John Munter – 14%

Shultz took the big win and will face off in the November election.

Jen Schultz

State Representative 8A – Two Advance


Art Johnston – 67% (1,053)

Allan Kehr II – 33% (523)

Johnston will be seen at the November election.

Art Johnston


Liz Olson (incumbent) – 100% (3,496)

Olson ran unopposed with almost 4,000 votes.

Liz Olson

State Representative District 8B – Two Advance 


Becky Hall – 100%

Hall ran unopposed with nearly 1,600 votes.

Becky Hall


Arik Forsman – 45%

Alicia Kozlowski – 54%

Kozlowski is the City’s Community Relations Officer and will be headed to the November election.

Alicia Kozlowski

St. Louis County Sheriff 

Jason Lukovsky – 34%

Gordan Ramsay – 40%

Chad Walsh – 26%

Lukovsky and Ramsay are headed to the November election to see who will replace longtime St. Louis County Sheriff Ross Litman.

Jason Lukovsky     Gordon Ramsay

Douglas County Sheriff

Matthew Izzard – 62%

Brian Witt – 18%

Mark Liebaert – 19%

Izzard taking an overwhelming win replace longtime Sheriff Tom Dalbec, who is retiring.

Matthew Izzard

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