15,000 MNA Nurses To Hold Strike Vote Monday In Duluth, Twin Cities


DULUTH, Minn. — 15,000 nurses with the Minnesota Nurses Association are planning to hold a strike vote on Monday, according to a press release.

Nurses in the Twin Ports and Twin Cities are coming together for the first time to fight for fair contracts to hold healthcare executives accountable to put patients before profits.

“Corporate healthcare policies in our hospitals have left nurses understaffed and overworked, while patients are overcharged, local hospitals and services are closed, and executives take home million-dollar paychecks,” an RN at Essentia in Duluth and First Vice President of the Minnesota Nurses Association said. “Nurses have one priority in our hospitals, to take care of our patients, and we are determined to fight for fair contracts so nurses can stay at the bedside to provide the quality care our patients deserve.”

Nurses have already been negotiating for five months and have worked without contracts for months as well.

In June, nurses held informational pickets at 15 hospitals around the state.

If the vote is passed, it would authorize negotiation leaders to call a strike after a 10-day notice to hospital employers. It would be one of the largest nurse strikes in U.S. history.

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