Thousands Come Out for Annual Bayfield County Fair

“We have so much entertainment going on. The carnival of course, we have three on three basketball tournament happening today, we have a lumberjack show, we have a juggler,” Mary Motiff, director for Bayfield County Fair, said.

The annual Bayfield County Fair is back yet again. Bringing in their classic rides, typical fair foods, and other fun attractions. Families from all across the Northland were rushing to the gates, to get a taste of what this years fair has to offer.

“It’s hard to put into words. Seeing everybody here enjoying themselves. It’s making me teary because it’s really awesome. Our county fair is amazing and we just want everyone to have a great time for an affordable price. And to see everybody’s smiles and laughter,” Mary said.

Being around for over 100 years makes the fair a token of many Northland lives.

Organizers say that the support from the community and volunteers, makes all the hard work, worth it.

“It’s just a great feeling to be here, and seeing everybody’s hard work that they’ve been putting in on the projects that they entered and got judged on. It just, it’s awesome,” Mary said while tearing up.”It could not happen without all the people that we have doing all the different things. You know, barn superintendent, or being a judge. You know we have to get the judges to come here. Getting the entertainment all lined up, and people to agree to come and give up their weekend to participate. I don’t know, it’s just awesome,”

The fair continues Sunday, which includes the Power Wheels Race and the Dirt Dash.


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