Knowing Your Neighbors: Reclaim Creative Reuse

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Beads, buttons, yarn, stamps, scrapbook paper… all of these items and more are being sold at a discounted price in small quantities at Reclaim Creative Reuse, and just in time for the new school year.

“We wanted to make sure we opened before the students started getting here so we were here for them,” Reclaim Creative Reuse Owner, Marie Williams says.

Reclaim Creative Reuse opened on the 1st of August after years of planning through the pandemic.

“Feels great to finally be open, finally getting the donations from the community and finally getting people in here,” Williams says.

The creative reuse center takes in unwanted and unused arts and crafts supplies and resells them to the community at a discounted price. Those who donate at least a grocery size bag receive a 10% discount on other items in the store.

“We take donations from the community and then we provide a discount for the donation you get a little card,” Williams says. “A lot of our donations have been coming from older people who are coming in and saying, “I’m not going to scrapbook anymore, I’m doing sewing, just take this.” And then we have a lot of our buyers are the young people coming in saying, “I just started beading, I just started doing this.”

There are over a hundred creative reuse centers throughout the nation, but this is the first to plant it’s roots in the Northland.

“It’s a good resource for maybe people who don’t have as much money to go to like the Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, Jo-Ann’s and we are in Superior so you don’t have to cross the bridge for that,” Williams says.

Reclaim Creative Reuse hopes to put on events throughout the year like “make and takes” that will allow a creative space for folks to come in and work on projects.

“It’s more about sustainability than it is about… I’m not trying to strike it rich here at all. So, I get a lot of good feeling about that,” Williams says.

The shop on Belknap Street is open Sunday through Friday from 1 to 6 PM and Saturday’s from 10 AM to 3 PM.

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