Knowing Your Neighbors: Meg’s Perennials & Marketplace

HERMANTOWN, Minn. – Perennials are some of the toughest plants out there, capable of surviving our harshly cold winters here in the Northland. Meg’s Perennials and Marketplace, a family run business in Hermantown, has thousands of these plants prepped and ready for your garden.

“Fall is really the best time for planting perennials, it requires less water, it’s easier on the body because it’s not so hot out,” Meg’s Perennials & Marketplace Owner, Megan Johnson says.

Meg’s Perennials opened for business in March after Owner, Megan Johnson graduated from UMD this past winter and decided to start a business with her father right out of her childhood home.

“It was always something I’ve kind of dreamed of being like, “Oh it would be so fun to be a small business owner.” And then my dad was like, you know, he had been crushing rocks for forty years and he’s like, “I think it’s time that I get out.” And I was like you know, I graduated and now is the best time to do it,” Johnson says.

Because of the late start to Spring, the business was run from inside of their house and started with roughly a thousand plants. Now, they have about 3000 perennials consisting of 100’s of variations from native to exotic.

“We’re usually out here on the days that we’re open for about ten hours a day between watering and pruning and just in general we enjoy being out here too. So, we’ll take times and just wander through the gardens and we have people that will come and when they’re looking for plants we just walk around the yard and look at all the different plants,” Johnson says.

Megan hopes to someday have a year-round greenhouse, that will yield such things as fresh produce, Easter Lillie’s, and other seasonal flowers.

“People who have come, we’ve had a couple older people who used to have greenhouses or who have grown plants for many many years and they’ll just sit here and talk with me for an hour and just through knowledge at me and then I’ll be like, “Oh, well these are like newer plants”, and things like that. So, it brings in a wide variety of generations which is probably my favorite part of it,” Johnson says.

Meg’s Perennials and Marketplace is open Monday, Thursday, and Friday from noon until 6 PM and Saturday’s and Sunday’s from 10 until 3 PM. The greenhouse will remain open through September or for however long mother nature allows.

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