Officers Chat With College Students About Drinking Laws And More

DULUTH, Minn. — As students of the University of Minnesota Duluth move-in to town, Officers of the Duluth and UMD Police Departments decided to give a visit to the new arrivals.

They visited 114 student rental homes, letting residents know the laws and policies in-place for the school year.

Students live across Duluth and beyond, meaning on-campus police are not the only ones to interact with them. The officers call it “proactive policing,” working together to ensure a safe and lawful school year.

“So we’ve done this before and it’s helped reduce a number of parties and a number of underage drinkers or people trying to walk down the sidewalks with alcohol. We’ve had good feedback from residents, other people in the city, college students, and UMD itself,” said Duluth Police Department Officer, Jeremy O’Connor.

Officers went door-to-door handing out informational flyers.

The papers laid out the ordinances and laws that will be enforced… and the potential consequences if broken.

“What we’re letting them know is that it’s zero-tolerance. So any time they host a party and let under-agers come there or try to drink and walk down the sidewalk, we’re going to be issuing citations. Those can be costly and add-up, so a lot of students don’t want to deal with that, but it’s good to let them know ahead of time what’s going on and set the tone.”

College is expensive enough without the pain of a citation and a fine of up to $100 that comes with it.

Many students live in the midst of families and other city residents.

While you may not picture the two co-existing happily, that’s not the case with Mike French, a homeowner near campus.

“I like sitting out here watching traffic go by and watching their kids move in and out. I talk to them, some people walk down the street some will say hi and some won’t. It’s nice, it’s a friendly area,” said French.

College kids live to the left, right, and across the street from French’s home.

He says the young adults have been of great support to him.

“Well when you get as old as I am, I’m 80 years old, I will be. I’ve had a couple heart attacks, so if something happens I know I can go over there and they’ll help me out. If I can’t do anything for myself, if I can’t find my phone or dial 911, I’ve got them to help me.”

French lives alone and spends most of his time at home, he says having lively neighbors makes him feel safe and keeps him entertained.

Keeping everyone in-check will be DPD and UMD officers, patrolling throughout the school year.

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