Amberwing Celebrates 10 Years

DULUTH, Minn. – “All of these folks lined up behind me are really the ones who make the magic happen here. I mean it’s a beautiful building, it’s a beautiful safe space, but it’s the people who work here that work with the kids and the families that are really making a difference in peoples lives,” Miller-Dwan Foundation President, Traci Marciniak says.

Amberwing was created by the Miller-Dwan Foundation 10 years ago. For those experiencing mental health and substance use issues, Amberwing offers therapeutic solutions for children, youth, young adults, and their families.

“When we opened Amberwing 10 years ago, we really felt that we made a dent in the mental health crisis and as everyone knows since the happening of COVID things have gotten to be very very distressing for a lot of kids and the need for mental health services has expanded greatly,” Marciniak says.

Some of the programs that were developed ten years ago have adapted to be able to accommodate what kids are experiencing today.

Amberwing offers a partial hospitalization program, which is an intensive daytime program that last for about three weeks.

“In that three week program that they have, they are getting about a years worth of individual therapy within those three weeks and it’s a traumatic transition from when they enter the program to when they exit,” Marciniak says.

Every year, there are about 12 hundred kids that go through the program, put though a series of treatments that relate to emotion regulation and skills building.

“Whatever we can do within this space and beyond to help care for the kids and the families in our community, we are committed to do. It’s worth it, the people who live here deserve the best care that they can possibly get and that’s our mission as the Miller-Dwan foundation is to be able to provide that,” Marciniak says.

Amberwing recommends that if you are concerned with your child’s mental health, reach out to your primary care provider or call Amberwing directly. They will help navigate the next steps to take to see if your child is appropriate for Amberwing, or another option in the community.

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