Northwoods Opens New Crisis Stabilization Shelter

DULUTH, Minn.– Northwood Children’s Services has officially opened a Crisis Stabilization Center to attend to the growing need of children experiencing mental health issues, especially after the past few years.

“Unfortunately the pandemic, as everybody knows, has really exasperated mental health issues and concerns with kids,” Richard Wollet, Northwoods Children’s Services President, said. “Unfortunately at the same time the capacity of organizations like ours to provide those services has been somewhat diminished because of challenges with staffing and costs.”

In a partnership with St. Louis County Public Health and Human Services, organizers from Northwoods Children’s Service’s were able to open this new shelter. Which Richard Wollet says allowed them to create a meaningful impact on kids in the area by giving them a place that feels comfortable while going through a variety of psych evaluations.

“I mean having a comfortable, home-y, kid friendly space is really important to the overall experience kids and families have with us,” Richard Wollet, said. “I think it conveys a sense of acceptance in respect to kids and families when they come to a place like this.”

By opening this new Crisis center in one of their residential area homes in Duluth, it was easier for them to open a stable and safe short term program.

They are hoping to make a true impact on the children they work with by getting them appropriate services to improve their mental health.

“We got two kids now currently in the Crisis Stabilization Program so very much we’re a work in progress, but we hope as time goes on and that certain need continues, we hope to be able to expand the services as the need grows,” Wollet said.

If you are curious if the Northwoods Children’s Stabilization Center is appropriate for your child, your family should contact your St. Louis County Social Worker.

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