People Come to Cloquet To Enjoy Labor Day Car Show

CLOQUET, Minn. – A wide array of activities were part of Cloquet’s Labor Day festivities.  One of them was the annual car show that gave people a chance to see cars from a time when not every one of them looked alike!

This year featured every make, style and color you could imagine. Very, very little plastic and fiberglass in this bunch. This is the 21st year of the car show, and for Bert Whittington, we dare say that putting on this car show is a “labor” of love.

“What a better way to celebrate a holiday that supports the people that work,” says Whittington, “and the union people that make, or built this country than to have a car show with all these cars made by the United Auto Workers of America.”

Bert and other car lovers spent the day taking in the shiny chrome, beautiful paint jobs, and some great looking hubcaps. There’s been a lot of elbow grease involved– not to mention polish—to keep this fleet looking so good.

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