MNDOT Proposes Roundabouts On London Road; Some Homeowners Oppose

DULUTH, Minn.– The Minnesota Department of Transportation has recently proposed a new project to construct three new roundabouts along London Road.  But not everyone living in the area is for it.

In an effort to make improvements to the pavement, calm traffic, and make the road safer for pedestrians, MNDOT has proposed the 2025 London Road Project.

“We are planning to put in roundabouts at 26th Avenue East, 40th Avenue, and 60th Avenue, and then we will also be putting in continuous left hand turn lanes for most of it,” Public Engagement and Communications Director for MNDOT, Pippi Mayfield, said.

This comes after MNDOT sent out a survey to local residents in Duluth questioning what improvements those who regularly use London Road would like to see.

“We got 2,200 responses form people and they want us to look at certain intersections, and they wanted us to make these safety improvements,” Mayfield said. “So it was definitely a publicly driven project as well.”

However, Ann Klefstad, who is a longtime resident of London Road, said the project would cause unnecessary disruption.

“I love roundabouts in the right place,” Klefstad said. “They are really effective traffic calming devices, but in this spot the standard Minnesota style round-about seems like a very bad fit. I mean so much destruction would have to accompany it.”

To her, using alternatives such as pedestrian signs, art-style medians, and radar speed monitors would work just as well and be far less disruptive.

“If you use two or three of these interventions it would be far cheaper, and far less disruptive, and I think accomplish very similar goals.” Klefstad said.

MNDOT will be hosting a public meeting on the 2025 London Road Project in October once they set a date. You can find more information on their website.

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