UMD Reverts Back to Old Champ After Public Outcry

After numerous complaints from the public, they decided to make the change back.

DULUTH, Minn. — It’s over and out for the new UMD Champ mascot costume after fans gave it a big thumbs down just days after its debut.

There’s a video post on UMD’s athletics social media showing what the college hoped would be an exciting change to the gold-colored Champ logo that’s been used for some time now.

But that clearly wasn’t the case, with a boatload of disgust for the new costume, with so many calling for the gray Champ to return.

UMD heard the passion and yesterday said the Champ as you’ve known him to be is coming back for the rest of the school year. But not forever.

Officials say the costume is falling apart and can’t be fixed much more.

A replacement needs to be made, involving a more modern design to keep the person inside that costume from overheating.

A committee is being formed to gather input from students, alumni, fans, and supporters. For a link to that input form, click here.

If you would like to read the full update on Champ, click this link.

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