‘Veterans For Peace’ Stops In Duluth, Calls For End Of Nuclear Weapons Worldwide

DULUTH, Minn. — The mission to abolish nuclear weapons took center stage outside Duluth City Hall today with Twin Ports Mayors Emily Larson and Jim Paine there in support.

Veterans for Peace chose Duluth as its first of more than 100 towns and cities where they’ll be educating people about the dangers of radiation and how they can help influence politicians to reduce and ultimately eliminate nuclear weapons.

It’s all part of the restored Golden Rule sailing project that will travel 11,000 miles over 15 months. They are starting with the Mississippi River around Florida, up the East coast, and around the Great Lakes.

“We’re trying to promote the treaty on a prohibition on nuclear weapons and help people what they can do to stop the possibility of nuclear war,” said Helen Jaccard, Golden Rule Project Manager. “Which is when there’s a ground swell of people saying something, then eventually the political powers have to listen and take action.”

DFL Senator Jennifer McEwen was also there.

The Golden Rule originally sailed in 1958 by four Quaker peace activists in an attempt to halt atmosphere nuclear testing in the U.S.

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