Everything Looking Up For Hawk Ridge Bird Migration

DULUTH, Minn. — Some people may be sad that summer is over, but fall also brings a lot of excitement and anticipation to others.

This was the familiar and wonderful scene at Hawk Ridge today. Mother nature and the great migration are underway.

Hawks in all sizes and species filled the sky and watching from below were the viewing faithful.

People come from all over the country to see the birds this time of year. The Reserve’s Executive Director says this will be a special year for Hawk Ridge, and they are excited.

Janelle Long says, “An amazing time of year. We love the people coming back to Hawk Ridge to enjoy the fall bird migration. We’re just getting into our peak weeks here, with the number of raptors and other migrating birds we get to see, and an extra special occasion with it being our fiftieth anniversary. So the fiftieth anniversary of Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve, which is where we’re getting to view all the amazing migration happening in front of us, as well as fifty years of raptor research. So our count, which is happening just behind me, our banding research as well as our education. So this is a super-great time happening next week, September 22, through the 25th, where we’ll have a variety of speakers, and programs and other activities happening here at the Ridge as well as other areas throughout Duluth.”

Long says one of the big contributions Hawk Ridge research brings is a better understanding of our ecosystem, by being able to monitor and document raptor migration over a 50-year period.

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