Group of Grade Schoolers Gather to Cleanup Park Point Boat Launch

TWIN PORTS–Before snow starts to cover the ground, a group of grade school students got together to collect trash on Park Point.

Today kicked off the annual Twin Ports coastal cleanup effort. A way for Northlanders to collect data and participate in the International Coastal Cleanup initiative.

The City of Duluth’s Communications Relations Officer Alicia Kozlowski joined Superior Mayor Jim Paine to highlight the importance of cleaning up our waterways on either side of the bridge. They met up with a Lake Superior Elementary teacher out on Park Point today with a group of fifth grade students. The kids were able to get their feet wet while cleaning up the shore of the Park Point boat launch.

The City of Superior’s Water Resource Specialist, Megan Hogfeldt, said, “This is a great age for kids to start doing cleanups. It makes them think about the amount of plastic they use”.

Hogfeldt went on to say, “We’re the starting point of the Great Lakes so whatever we do up here, people downstream of us are either positively or negatively affected by our actions”.

Each kid got a pair of gloves and a bag to collect all types of trash. They also weighed the trash they collected to see the impact of what one day of cleaning can do for the Northland’s waterways.


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