Duluth Airport Temporarily Offering TSA PreCheck Options

DULUTH, Minn. — If you have ever envied those at the airport that get to skip the security line, now’s your chance at our local airport.

Duluth International Airport is inviting passengers to enroll in the TSA PreCheck, expedited screening program. A program present at over 200 airports nationwide.

Now through September 23, those interested in the expedited screening option can pay a fee to enjoy a smoother screening experience without having to remove shows, belts, or liquids.

The $85 fee is good for 5 years of service and is paid upon arrival at the airport.

To complete the application process, finger prints will be taken as well as any proof of identity such as a U.S. passport and a drivers license.

Director of Communications and Marketing, Natalie Peterson said, “Once people get through the screening process they’re like “okay”, and so this just allows that process to be a little simpler, a little less stress, and a little less invasive.” She continued to say, “For all ages, from 12 and up, if you travel a couple times a year even I think it’s definitely something that’s really well worth it.”

Before you can show up at DLH ready to skip the general security line, you’ll have to pre-enroll online through the IdentoGO website.

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